Five Things to Do before Getting Breast Implants

If you’re getting breast implants, here’s a great “to do” list before your big day. In Costa Mesa we want our clients to be as prepared as possible for what to expect after getting breast implants and to do so, there are few recommendations we’ve complied so recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Turn your home into a calm, relaxing environment. Or at least a room if you can’t guarantee calm in other parts due to other occupants. It’s no surprise that better healing happens in a serene, low-stress environment. With that said, get rid of clutter and laundry or other cleaning and tidying that needs to be done around the house. You’re not going to be able to do much after surgery so get it down now

Have plenty of plump pillows. You’ll want to surround yourself and prop yourself up on lots of nice, plump pillows after surgery. Keeping yourself upright at a 45 degree angle (three days post-op) is ideal to reduce swelling and bruising. A “wedge” type pillow is also helpful to achieve this angle. And tons of pillows on your sides means you can’t roll over and injure your new precious commodities.

Arrange for child or pet care. Driving, carrying, lifting, walking dogs, etc… are not allowed on your list of to do’s after surgery. Please arrange for someone else to do these activities for you for the next few weeks.

Explore “Easy-On, Easy-Off” Clothing. It’s going to be a whole lot easier to get into and out of clothes that have buttons or zips in the front. You’re also likely to be in bed or on the couch for several days/weeks so makes sure they are comfortable clothes too.

Stock up on Ice Packs. They will be your best friend for the first few days as they help significantly with swelling and pain.  “20 minutes on and 20 minutes off” will be your mantra for about three days post-op.  A set of four flexible gel ice packs (two for the upper part of each breast and two in your freezer) is a great idea. Don’t forget to throw them in the freezer and get them good and cold the night before surgery.

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