Do You Have Questions About Buccal Fat Removal?

Chubby cheeks? If you still have adorable, pinch-worthy cheeks as an adult, you may have enlarged buccal fat pads. These pads of fat are located in the lower cheeks. Removing them can contour the face and reduce the appearance of an overly round face. If you’re thinking about buccal fat removal, come see Dr. Sajjadian. As a triple board certified plastic surgeon, he has the skill and experience needed to safely and successfully improve your appearance.

What Is the Buccal Fat Pad?

Located in the lower cheek, the buccal fat pad is one of several encapsulated fat masses inside of the cheek. The size of the fat pad can vary greatly from patient to patient. Weight gain is one factor that can lead to an increase in the size of your buccal fat pads. Genetics are another important factor.

Buccal fat removal can help some patients to achieve a more sculpted facial appearance. Dr. Sajjadian may recommend this procedure to patients complaining of “chipmunk cheeks” or a perpetual “baby face.”

What’s Recovery Like After Buccal Fat Removal?

Recovery is very minimal for buccal fat removal. Some patients return to work and regular activities immediately. Many patients describe the recovery process as practically painless, often with no bruising. You may experience some swelling, but this typically resolves within 4-6 weeks. We’ll give you a better idea of what to expect from your recovery during your consultation.

Will I Have Visible Scarring After Buccal Fat Removal?

Incisions for buccal fat removal are made inside of the cheek. You should have no visible scarring after surgery, just smaller cheeks.

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

If you have prominent cheeks, come see Dr. Sajjadian. Buccal fat removal could help you to reshape your facial appearance. This procedure isn’t right for every patient; a consultation is the best way to determine if you can benefit from this procedure. Call and schedule yours today.

Commonly Dr Sajjadian uses a combination technique with filler for the upper face to create beautiful and natural looking results.