Can Buccal Fat Removal Help Minimize Lip Lines?

Some people carry a disproportionate amount of fat in their cheeks. This fat is commonly referred to as “chipmunk cheeks,” but is known technically as buccal fat. People with excess buccal fat in Orange County know all too well that these voluptuous cheeks are extremely difficult to get rid of, as no diet or exercise is known to help with the reduction of buccal fat. Luckily plastic surgery has an answer to chipmunk cheeks, and that is buccal fat removal.

A common question many buccal fat removal patients have for Orange County plastic surgeons is whether or not buccal fat removal can correct ‘parenthesis lines’ around their lips and mouth. If you have lines around your mouth, take your buccal fat and squeeze it. This creates the illusion of a line-free mouth, and this is how this question surfaced.

Unfortunately, Orange County surgeons say the point of buccal fat removal is not line correction, and thus, would not be effective on parenthesis lines around the mouth and lips.

If you want to improve the appearance of parenthesis lines around the lips there are several behavioral changes (the way you use your facial expression muscles) that can be made as well as some minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that may help.

To find what is causing your lip lines (other than age) Orange County plastic surgeons like to utilize a biofeedback system. This test will help identify certain mannerisms and behaviors that could be causing the unwanted lines. Smoking is a huge culprit when it comes to premature signs of aging and aesthetic deterioration. Avoiding the sun will also help slow the progression of unwanted lip lines.

Although buccal fat removal is not a procedure that is helpful for lip lines, there are many cosmetic strategies that can improve the appearance of unwanted lines. Botox®Dysport, and other types of fillers and injectables can help correct these problems.

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