Butt Augmentation… The Bottom Line

Gorgeous breasts… check. Perfect lips… check. Rounded, firm buttocks… Not so much. In the quest for a stunning body, don’t forget your backside. Butt augmentation or Brazilian buttock lift can transform a flat, small bottom into something spectacular. Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé won’t be the only ones with spectacular butts.

What Are My Options for Butt Augmentation?

Dr. Sajjadian performs butt augmentation (also known as a Brazilian butt lift) using a technique known as fat grafting. First fat is removed from an area with a little extra (often the thighs, lower back, flanks, waist, or abdomen) using liposuction. The extracted fat is carefully treated and then injected into the buttocks using a needle.  Once established this fat will become permanent and will provide lasting contour and volume to the buttocks.

Fat grafting is a superior method for butt augmentation to implants. Years ago when implants were commonly used, there were many problems with them including shifting, infection, rupture, etc. Fat grafting can produce permanent and stunning results without the downsides and risks of implants. Furthermore, since the fat injected is from your own body, there’s no risk of an allergic reaction. The liposuction performed to obtain the fat can further enhance the results of your butt augmentation.

Will My Butt Look and Feel Natural?

Many patients worry that since fat is used in a butt augmentation that their new bottom will look fat, not firm. This isn’t the case. The injected fat cells take on the consistency of the cells where they are injected so fat cells injected into the butt muscle will feel like muscle. Dr. Sajjadian is well known for producing stunning and natural results for his butt augmentation patients. No one will know your bottom isn’t natural, but they will know it looks great.

What’s Recovery Like After Butt Augmentation?

After the procedure you’ll need to wear a custom compression garment for a few weeks. This can be hidden under clothing. The first day is often the most difficult as you’ll need to avoid sitting to give the transferred fat time to settle. You’ll feel bruising, swelling, and soreness for the first week. It can take up to 12 weeks to see the final results. Plan on taking 1-2 weeks off from work.

Do you love your butt? If not, call our offices today and schedule a butt augmentation or Brazilian Butlift consultation with one of the only few surgeons with triple board certification, Dr. Sajjadian.