Breast Lift Options Available in Newport Beach

We are able to offer different options in breast lift procedures to our clients in Orange County.  If you’re wondering which option is best for you contact our plastic surgery office in Newport Beach today for a consultation. Here is a brief overview of what each breast lift procedure can offer…

A common type of breast lift surgery is called the Vertical Breast Lift (Lollipop Breast Lift).  This type is similar to the Wise pattern except that the horizontal ellipsis of skin and resulting scar in the breast crease is omitted. This is best for smaller breast sizes, especially when breast implants are added to restore some volume.  The “lollipop” term comes from the specific scar that results from this type of breast lift procedure.

The Wise Pattern Breast Lifts (also known as the Anchor Breast Lift) is characterized by a skin excision that results in an “anchor” scar the amount of skin removal and resulting scar is precisely determined based upon the needs of each breast.  The “wise” pattern involves two intersecting ellipses with an area above for areolar elevation. The excisions basically pull the skin together to achieve a tight, round, more attractive, perky breast. The breast tissue is also tightened beneath the skin to support the breast and keep tension off of the skin. Our clients in Orange County report minimal or barely noticeable scarring after healing. Scarring is minimal with this breast lift surgery because the scar around the areola is hidden between the darker and lighter skin tones. The horizontal scar is hidden in the breast crease and the vertical scar fades over time to become barely visible.

We often use the Circumareolar or Bennelli (a.k.a. doughnut) breast lift procedure in Orange County to primarily lift the areolar for those who may have a short distance between their areolar and breast crease or to even out asymmetrical areolar.  So it’s not always considered a true breast lift. It does slightly tighten the skin envelope of the breast but this procedure does not elevate breasts that sag below the breast creases. This operation is often misused by inexperienced surgeons who are not true plastic surgeons (beware of those that call themselves “cosmetic surgeons).  Be aware that this procedure does not replace a vertical or wise pattern breast lift surgery. When it is used in the wrong situations it can leave you with a deformed, unattractive breast shape. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you are interested in having your breasts or areolar lifted contact our Newport Beach office today. You’ll be in Dr. Ali Sajjadian’squalified, experienced and caring hands from the moment you enter our doors.