Breast Augmentation Urban Dictionary (part 1)

If you or anyone you know is considering a breast augmentation or any other type of breast enhancement surgery you’ve likely come across some somewhat strange verbiage in chat rooms, blogs, or other conversation venues about the topic. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery and so it’s not too surprising that it has created its own urban “vocabulary” so to speak. To help to help our Newport Beach plastic surgery clients and others navigate their way through conversations regarding breast enhancement procedures, we’ve compiled a little “urban dictionary”. Enjoy!

BA: Abbreviation commonly used for breast augmentation (a.k.a.  augmentation mammoplasty). Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done to enlarge and enhance the breast by using saline or silicone breast implants or through the transfer of body fat into the breast.

BL: Abbreviation for breast lift (mastopexy).  Gravity, breastfeeding, etc…can drag the breasts down after a while leaving them less perky than most like. A breast lift can be performed with or without breast implants. It aims to tighten loose skin and restore the breasts to a higher point on the chest wall. There are four types of breast lifts: Crescent, Peri-areolar, Lollipop and Anchor breast lift procedures.

Boob Greed: The post-op concern that the new breasts aren’t big enough and subsequent repeated surgeries for bigger breast implants.

Boobie Blues: A period of low mood or sadness following BA surgery. Any major surgery can be physically and emotionally draining, and adding pain meds and lack of sleep to the mix can cause mild depression in some people.  As your body and mind heal and you get more active and out of the house your mood typically lifts as well. If you experience the boobie blues be sure to report them to your doctor, especially if your symptoms are severe.

Bottoming Out: Rarely breast implants can travel “south of the border.” Consider the crease under your breasts the “border” if implants work their way below that line and they look like they are sliding down your chest wall you are “bottoming out”.  Bottoming out can occur with large breast implants because the body tissues may not be able to support a heavy implant or the surgically created “pocket” holding the implant has stretched out. To fix a bottomed-out breast implant is to have a surgical revision.

BWD: Stands for Breast Width Diameter. Before surgery measurements are taken including the BWD in order to select the right size implant for your body frame. The breast is measured from the cleavage to its outer edge to determine your BWD. Women’s breasts typically range from 11-14 centimeters. It’s often best to opt for an implant slightly narrower or the same size as your BWD.

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