Breast Augmentation: Size Does Matters


After making the big decision to have a breast augmentation, many of our Newport Beach clients get stuck on deciding what size is right for them. Add on the decision of what type of breast implant and some ladies are plain overwhelmed.  While they are important decisions, there is no reason to get overwhelmed and here in our Newport Beach office we spend plenty of time discussing pros and cons of each option as well as what option will give the most desirable results. Size is still one that women spend considerable time contemplating so we’ve put together this blog to help women start to get a good idea of what would be the best size option for them.

Everyone has their own idea of what’s beautiful to them so while Dr. Sajjadian will do all he can to help you make a well informed decision, the final decision is always yours. We will merely give you suggestions based on what implant size will give you the best results from your breast augmentation surgery.

One common misconception people have about breast augmentation is that you will always end up with extra-large breasts. This of course is not the truth and extra-large breast are definitely not always better. The best results from breast augmentation are achieved by choosing a size that compliments your body frame, looks natural and won’t cause other complications like back pain from the extra weight of extra-large breast implants.

Some questions to consider when choosing implant size for breast augmentation include:

  • What kind of change are you looking for? An obvious difference or a more subtle change?
  • Are you looking for a naturally attractive and pleasing look for your unique body shape? Or something that will have a dramatic impact?

One of the most beneficial tools we have for choosing breast size is our before and after photo gallery of breast augmentations here on our website and more in office. It works best when you find pictures of women who have a similar body frame as you and then you can see how certain breast sizes look on them. We also have our patients try different size implants in the office to help make more informed decision. Something to also keep in mind is that a slightly smaller implant size will make your body shape overall appear more like ‘you’ and your new breasts will not become heavy and droopy when aging and gravity

If you are in the Newport Beach area and interested in learning more about your options with breast augmentation, contact our office today!