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Breast augmentation procedures continue to be the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. Majority of women are interested in breast enhancement and until recently their only options have been traditional silicone and saline devices…until now. Now breast augmentation can be performed with breast implants that feel like gummy bears. Yes, gummy bears, the candy! They are technically called Form Stable Breast Implants.

These gummy breast implants attempt to mimic the natural shape of the breast and so form stable implants are designed to look like a tear drop, thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top. In order to maintain this shape, the silicone gel in the implant is firmer than that which is typically found in a round implant. The consistency of the gel inside the implant is thicker and maintains its shape even when the implant is cut in half, hence the similarity to gummy bears.

Form stable breast implants offer an additional option patients desiring breast augmentation surgery. As with anything, these gummy breast implants have advantages and disadvantages. As always, before choosing a specific breast implant, your board certified plastic surgeon will discuss the potential risks and benefits with you, because form stable implants may not be the optimal choice for everyone.

Another big advantage of gummy breast implants is that they really do match the shape of the natural breast, giving more fullness to the bottom of the breast. They are made of a stiffer gel; have less wrinkling than other types of breast implants and additional firmness. Also, because they are all textured, there is evidence to suggest that your risk of developing a capsular contracture around the implant after breast augmentation could be lessened.

Some disadvantages include rare but potential rotation of the implant in which case the thicker part of the implant can distort the breast’s shape. Also since the gel is thicker a slightly longer incision to insert them is often necessary. Gummy breast implants also share the common risks that all breast implants carry including rare cases of infection, bleeding and implant rupture.

Form stable implants give another choice to women desiring a breast augmentation. If you are interested to learn more about your options for breast enhancement, contact a board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of ASPS today.

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