Breast Augmentation and Cleavage in Newport Beach

Many of our Newport Beach breast augmentation are surprise to hear that it’s not necessarily the size of the breast implants that determine cleavage in most women.  Very often two women can get the exact same breast implants during breast augmentation surgery but come out having varying degrees of cleavage. This is because cleavage depends on more than just the implant.  The depth and length of cleavage depends greatly on a woman’s chest wall size and shape.

For example, most women that come into our Newport Beach plastic surgery office have a chest wall shape that is not perfectly straight. Some will have a concave chest that slopes inwards somewhat towards the middle, or they may have an outward curved chest wall that resembles a bird’s chest, in which the middle part of the chest is the more prominent. These two types of chest walls are known medically as pectus excavatum- the concave breast, which is sunken in the middle and pectus carinatum- the bird like, or outward curved chest wall.

The majority of Dr. Sajjadian’s clients that come in for breast augmentation have a mild degree of one of these two types of chests. Most people are not even aware of what chest type they have. One way to determine what type of chest you have, is by standing sideways in front of a mirror. If your middle sternum bone is higher in the center, you have more of a pectus carinatum (outward curved).  A sunken area along the middle axis is more noticeable in those that have a pectus excavatum (inward curved) chest.

In regards to getting more cleavage from a breast augmentation, the pectus excavatum type of chest wall seems to give the best results. This type of chest wall provides a better foundation for a defined cleavage with breast implants because the implants naturally fall towards the center. Many of our Newport Beach women with pectus excavatum chest walls also have the option of going with high profile or moderate profile breast implants.

Women with the pectus carinatum, on the other hand, face a few more challenges when it comes to getting deep cleavage after a breast augmentation and they do not have the same freedom of implant selection.  When the chest curves outward, breast implants naturally have a tendency to shift to the sides, away from the cleavage line. Because of this, higher profile implants are recommended for breast augmentation because it has more projection and less width.  High profile projection will provide the most cleavage possible. Furthermore, the smaller diameter of a high profile implant sits more upright on the chest wall and will not go off to the side that much.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and want to learn more about the type of chest wall you have and how it may affect your breast augmentation choicescontact our office today for a consultation.