Average Cost of Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach

Like most things, cost of services varies depending on where you are. Here in Newport Beach we take pride in the high quality care we offer our clients but we still aim to be reasonable in price compared to other plastic surgery practices in the area. Several factors contribute to the overall price of the procedure including the complexity of the case, what type of anesthesia is used and any facility charges incurred if the procedure is not done in the office.

Because the majority of cosmetic plastic surgery is consider “elective”, meaning it’s not medically necessary, insurances rarely cover plastic surgery procedures. Therefore, we understand that it’s important to our clients here in Newport Beach to have a good idea of how much their procedure will cost them.  However, if plastic surgery can make some medical improvements, for example, breathing is made better with a rhinoplasty, some insurance will consider the rhinoplasty a medically necessary procedure and therefor cover some of the costs. At your consultation, we can discuss any possible medical implications for the surgeries.

Even though insurance may not cover your cosmetic surgery, it’s very important that you never choose a surgeon based on price. In the world of plastic surgery, the saying “You get what you pay for” definitely holds true. You should only entrust your face or body to a surgeon who has received his or her certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (or Facial Plastic Surgery) and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Our practice is keenly interested and focused on creating beautiful and natural looking results. Consider coming in for a personalized evaluation and discussion of available options to you by a highly regarded and caring plastic surgeon.

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