Are MemoryShape Implants One Size Fits All?

A popular breast implant choice, the MemoryShape implants provide a natural, youthful feel to the breasts, have a low rupture rate, and a 97% patient satisfaction rating. They are available in many sizes and feature a stunning teardrop shape. Dr. Sajjadian loves using these implants and his patients love the results they see. Are MemoryShape implants right for your breast augmentation?

The Benefits of Memory Shape Implants

There’s a lot to love about MemoryShape implants. Here are a few of the reasons our patients often ask for these implants by name.

  • Teardrop Shape: MemoryShape implants feature a teardrop shape that is thinner at the top. This mimics the natural shape of the breasts for a natural look. No one will know you have implants unless you tell them. Dr. Sajjadian is highly skilled at hiding and minimizing scarring for a natural look, whether your clothes are on or off.
  • Textured Surface: MemoryShape implants have a textured surface to hold the implant in place and to minimize shifting inside the breast pocket.
  • Excellent Shape Retention: Some liquid filled implants can lose their shape over time leading to a droopy, saggy appearance. The MemoryShape implants have excellent shape retention for lasting results.
  • Low Rupture Rate: MemoryShape implants have a low rupture rate.
  • Natural Feel: MemoryShape implants feel amazing. Patients love the natural, youthful feeling of their breasts.
  • No Wrinkling: MemoryShape implants are filled with a thicker cohesive silicone gel. This reduces the risk of wrinkling for a smooth, natural appearance.
  • Safe: Although only FDA approved in the U.S. since 2013, MemoryShape implants have been used around the world for over a decade with a stellar safety rating.

Are They One Size Fits All?

Many patients have heard that MemoryShape implants are one size fits all, but this isn’t true. MemoryShape implants are available in a variety of sizes, allowing Dr. Sajjadian to customize your breasts to your specifications. Large or small, there’s a MemoryShape implant available for you. All of the implants are teardrop shaped and, unlike saline implants, are pre-filled.

Are MemoryShape Implants Right for Me?

MemoryShape implants are an excellent choice for many of our patients, but it is possible that a different type or style of implants may be more appropriate for your desires and body type. At your breast augmentation consultation Dr. Sajjadian can make recommendations after an examination. A highly skilled surgeon with extensive experience working on the breasts, Dr. Sajjadian can help you determine if MemoryShape implants are the best choice or if you’d benefit from another type of implant. Talkwith Dr. Sajjadian about your ideal breasts and he’ll help you achieve them