Am I a Good Candidate for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty? The best way to learn about your options is to schedule a consultation with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the Newport Beach, California area, Dr. Sajjadian. The questions and answers below will help you determine if you’re a good candidate.

Are You Caucasian?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is primarily intended for non-Caucasian patients. If your genetic roots hail from Middle Eastern, Hispanic, African, or Asian countries, you may be a good candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty. Non-Caucasian noses tend to have some unique characteristics that are best addressed by a highly skilled surgeon like triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian. He can use his extensive experience as an ethnic rhinoplasty expert to address complex issues like weak nasal structure, bulbous tip, humps on the bridge, thick or oily skin, etc.

Has Your Nose Reached Adult Size?

Rhinoplasty is best performed once the nose has reached its adult size. This typically occurs during the late teenage years—about a year earlier for females than males. If your nose hasn’t yet reached its full size, Dr. Sajjadian may recommend waiting before ethnic rhinoplasty.

Are You Healthy?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and, as such, some health requirements must be met before surgery. If you’re taking any medications or have any health conditions, come prepared to discuss them with Dr. Sajjadian at your consultation. Many patients find it helpful to bring a list of the medications and supplements they are taking. Dr. Sajjadian will help you determine if you’re a medically good candidate for surgery.

Do You Have Correct Expectations?

What are your goals for rhinoplasty? The surgery is transformational, but it is important to make sure your expectations are in line with reality. Dr. Sajjadian’s goal with ethnic rhinoplasty is to create a balanced, attractive nose—not cookie-cutter perfection. Beautiful noses come in every shape and size; our goal is a nose that complements your other features. This is especially important with ethnic rhinoplasty, as some surgeons strive to eliminate the ethnic look of their patients’ noses. Dr. Sajjadian’s goal is a nose that looks completely natural. No one needs to know you’ve had nasal surgery unless you choose to tell them.

If you’re thinking about ethnic rhinoplasty, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian, a top rhinoplasty surgeon. Ask your questions and find out if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Call today!

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