Non-Invasive Nasal Correction

Non-Invasive Nasal Correction SajjadianFor any Orange County patient looking for a non-invasive procedure that will correct the shape and contour of the nose, Dr. Sajjadian performs an advanced technique that can give you results in 15 minutes. Non-invasive nasal correction involves injecting non-permanent fillers into very precise areas of the nose to improve contour and shape. While very little compares to Dr. Sajjaddian’s results from a traditional rhinoplasty procedure, non-invasive nasal correction can deliver great results without the recovery time.

Dr. Sajjadian begins a non-invasive nasal correction by applying a topical numbing cream to maximize patient comfort. Once the treatment area is numb, a series of injections of filler material (usually Hydroxyappetite or Hyaluronic acid fillers) are placed into very precise locations throughout the nose. The entire procedure takes only 15 minutes! Non-invasive nasal correction can also be used to improve the appearance of the bridge of the nose in Asian patients in place of an ethnic rhinoplasty.

In some cases, fat can be harvested from other areas of the body and used in place of conventional fillers for the nose. Dr. Sajjadian will discuss your options in depth to determine if you might be a good candidate for this procedure, or if conventional rhinoplasty would be a better choice to achieve your desired look. Patients can return to work immediately following this non-invasive procedure. While non-invasive nasal correction is not a permanent result like rhinoplasty, many of Dr. Sajjadian’s patients choose this procedure because it offers no recovery time and stunning results. Dr. Sajjadian takes time with every patient to discuss the desired result and expectation for the procedure to determine which procedure will best produce optimal results. Dr. Sajjadian will also see the patient for a follow up visit in two weeks after the non-invasive procedure is completed to assure the results are natural looking and proportional.

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