Breast Augmentation

Sajjadian Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation is one of the most widely requested plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and especially around the beaches of Southern California. Many women seek out the expertise of Newport Beach Breast Augmentation surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery procedures.

Dr. Sajjadian uses saline or silicone breast implants to correct breast asymmetry and restore breast fullness after pregnancy/nursing. His exceptional surgical skills have earned him a sterling reputation among women in the area seeking beautiful and feminine-looking breasts.

Planning Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery requires a detailed surgical plan that is pre-determined and tailored to your individual needs. If you’re considering having breast implants placed, you will meet with Dr. Sajjadian to discuss the procedure and his approach during an informational consultation. He and his staff will help you to decide the size, shape and type of implant and breast surgery that will best serve you.

First, Dr. Sajjadian will perform a physical examination of your breasts and your body type, noting your frame and the quality of your skin. He will ask you to describe how you would like your breasts to look after surgery; you may want to bring in a photograph of a friend or celebrity whose breasts you would like to emulate. This will give Dr. Sajjadian a better idea of your goals. He will talk to you about having reasonable expectations of surgery, and he will educate you about the procedure and what it entails.

Once you’ve scheduled your breast augmentation surgery, you will need to make decisions about the type of implants Dr. Sajjadian places, the incision technique and the implant placement.

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

Saline implants consist of a silicone shell, filled with a sterile saltwater solution. An advantage to using saline implants is that Dr. Sajjadian can use smaller incisions to insert the empty shell, and then use instruments to fill the shells with the solution. Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel material that many women believe feels more similar to natural breast tissue. However, silicone implants are pre-filled and require a larger incision to place. Dr. Sajjadian will help you select the best type of implant based on your body frame, anatomic measurements and features, cosmetic goals and personal preference.

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Procedural Details

Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis at a local surgery center. Anesthesia will be administered to prevent you from feeling any discomfort during surgery.

To begin, Dr. Sajjadian makes the surgical incisions either around the nipples, underneath the breast crease, in the armpit or in the navel. He is careful to create and place the incisions in a way that minimizes any visible scarring after surgery. Generally, incisions made in the armpit produce the least visible scarring, but aren’t appropriate for every case.

Through the incisions, Dr. Sajjadian will carefully make a small pocket for the implant either between the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle. (The implant placement depends on your body type, how much natural breast tissue you have and the type of implant Dr. Sajjadian uses.) He will position the implant within the pocket, and close the incisions with sutures. He will also place a support garment around the breasts to help them heal.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation

You will be released from the surgical facility shortly after your procedure after being stable enough to be discharged. During your initial recovery, your breasts will be bruised, swollen and tender, but these side effects will gradually subside. You will need to get plenty of rest and avoid any bending, lifting or straining for about a week. Gentle activity like walking is encouraged to promote proper circulation.

Dr. Sajjadian will follow up with you during your recovery to check how your breasts are healing and clear you to return to work, exercise and your normal routine.

Breast Augmentation Cost and Financing

Breast augmentation cost is a huge consideration for many patients. There isn’t any standard pricing for breast augmentation: the cost varies by implant type and other factors. For more specific information about the cost of breast augmentation and available financing options, please contact our practice today.