Is a Beautifully, Reshaped Nose Possible in Only 15 Minutes?

By Ali Sajjadian, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

While some practices convincingly tout the 10 or 15 minute Rhinoplasty Newport Beach, I have found there are many patients who are disappointed as a result of such promises. In my opinion, the honest answer a surgeon who truly specializes in this field should give you is “Yes” and “No.” For example, I perform a rather unique, non-invasive nasal procedure that will often yield impressive results within a 15 minute time frame. My technique consists of improving the shape and contour of a nose with the placement of non-permanent fillers. First, I apply a bit of numbing anesthetic cream over the area to be corrected. I follow this with a series of small injections of filler material, (usually Hydroxyappetite or Hyaluronic acid), which are placed into very precise locations throughout the nose. 15 minutes later, patients can return to work, or resume their normal activities. . I always follow-up with my patients in two weeks after a non-invasive nasal procedure in order to assure the results are natural looking and proportional.

However, the fact is that in a number of cases, some individuals with more challenging nasal features are not a good candidates for this type of procedure and she or he require a full scale Newport Beach Rhinoplasty to achieve a successful, attractive result. This is why I strongly suggest that before making such a decision, an individual should consult with a reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. While some doctors are limited in their area of expertise, a surgeon who is actually certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery can offer patients a wider variety of options to achieve the objective of a beautifully, reshaped nose. If the procedure can be accomplished non-invasively in 15 minutes, then the patient is more likely to receive a satisfactory result due to the surgeon’s training, skill and expertise. If not, you will have an honest answer and other alternatives to choose from.

I strongly believe individuals should be fully educated about aesthetic procedures. Therefore, I am always pleased to offer a complimentary consultation without any obligation in order to fulfill this need.

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