Publications & Presentations

Publications & Presentations

Multicultural Rhinoplasty
April 2018
New York City, NY

Advances in Rhinoplasty
October 2017
American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting, Orlando, FL

Presented on 7 topics in plastic surgery, including Advanced Rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty and Difficult Rhinoplasty
October 2017
Global Masters in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Tehran, Iran

Multiple topics, including 4 presentations
September 2016
International Meeting of Masters in Rhinoplasty, Paris, France

Rhinoplasty: A Multispecialty Approach
January 2016
Rhinoplasty in Middle Eastern Patients

Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques,
ASPS Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2015, Boston, MA, Oct 2015

Rhinoplasty Symposium
2015 Aesthetics Meeting, Montreal, Canada, May 2015